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Mission Statement

Argus Community's Mission is to provide innovative programs which help severely disadvantaged teens and adults to free themselves from poverty and drug abuse and build new lives based on work, hope, and responsibility. Argus provides a drug-free, safe and nurturing environment in which persons living on the fringes of society can acquire education and skills and transform maladaptive attitudes and behaviors. We emphasis self-help, personal responsibility, and mutual support. Argus was founded in the South Bronx in 1968. We began as a substance abuse treatment provider; in ensuing decades we expanded the scope of our programs to address new challenges raised by homelessness, AIDS/HIV, and welfare reform. Argus has received both national and international recognition: Argus programs have been replicated in Washington DC, San Fransisco, Albany, Des Moines, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Having created our programs in response to community needs, we will continue to respond to new needs as they arise.  

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