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March 2011 News

On March 1, 2011, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg celebrated Women’s History Month with the launch of “NYC Women: Make it Here, Make it Happen,” a video series produced by the Commission on Women’s Issues in collaboration with Emmy award-winning NYC Media that shines a spotlight on extraordinary women of New York City.

When Mary Taylor arrived in New York City in 1948 with no skills, education or support system, she found herself sleeping in Penn Station. Suffering drug and alcohol addiction, Mary sought to turn her life around.  In 1969, Taylor joined the Argus Community, which provides the South Bronx and East Harlem with programs to assist people with substance abuse issues and then educate them to become Substance Abuse Counselors.   Mary Taylor's organization, Argus Community, Inc. (Argus) has trained hundreds of women who were on welfare or some other form of public assistance to become economically self-sufficient.  Approximately 91% of these women were connected to jobs with benefits and opportunities for advancement.

With her thirty plus year career with Argus, Mary “Spiritt” Taylor has devoted her life to building the Argus “community” and help severely disadvantaged teens and adults - with a large number of women's programs--to free themselves from poverty and drug abuse and build new lives based on responsibility, work, and hope.  Argus provides a drug-free, safe, and nurturing environment in which persons living on the fringes of society can acquire education and skills and transform maladaptive attitudes and behaviors.