How To Help

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The ACCESS II Care Coordination Program

760 East 160th Street
Bronx, NY 10456

The New York City Health Department launched their Ryan White Care Coordination programs in December 2009. Argus Community Inc. /ACCESS II Care Coordination Program provides an expanded form of HIV medical case management or care coordination services for people living with HIV/AIDS. When you enroll in Care Coordination, you will have a whole team to provide support. A Care Coordinator will help you with your clinical needs and a Patient Navigator will help you in the community. The team will:

  • Help you learn to live better with HIV/AIDS
  • Help you with medical appointments
  • Help you manage your medications
  • Ensure that you are linked to care in a timely manner
  • Develop a patient-centered care plan that emphasizes continuous adherence to care and antiretroviral treatment
  • Coach (a form of active health promotion and counseling) you to become self-sufficient so that you can manage medical and social needs autonomously

 Services include: 

  • Case Management and advocacy
  • Crisis intervention and short term counseling
  • Home visits
  • Limited child/day care
  • Accompaniments to housing, health insurance, and social services appointments if necessary


Care Coordination team works with participants to attain:

  • Quality housing and rent assistance
  • Voluntary family HIV/AIDS testing and counseling
  • Income maintenance, SSI, and other entitlements
  • Family planning services
  • Day care, head start, and parent aides
  • Social activities and day programs
  • Foster care and permanency planning
  • Respite care
  • Legal advice
  • Transitional and many other services


 ***Proof of your HIV/AIDS status is required***