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GED Program

NYS Licensed GED Preparation: District 79 “Re-Start” Program

760 East 160th Street
Bronx, NY 10456

Special Characteristics: 100% of participants are also enrolled in Argus’ E.L.S. Center, a medically supervised intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program for adults and adolescents seeking recovery services.

GED preparation includes formal classes in basic literacy, language arts, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies in a student-centered environment with individualized learning plans. Field trips to local libraries, museums and other educational venues are organized by teachers and students. State of the art classrooms include “smart boards”, computer-assisted instruction and a computer laboratory.

Free transportation to and from school and lunches are provided, as are incentives for exceptional attendance.

During the past 5 years approximately 150 students have attained their GEDs.

  • Slots: Open enrollment throughout the school year with summer school offerings
  • Staff: NYS Department of Education Licensed Teachers
  • Student ages: 17 – 21 years of age (must be turning 17 within the school year or must be less than 21 at the start of the school year)