How To Help

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About Us

Since our inception in 1967, and now for more than 46 years, Argus Community, Inc. (Argus) has continued to successfully bring together and develop outstanding people, resources, and programs in pursuit of our ambitious mission: To provide on-going and continuously improved methods of treatments and preventions that restore the lives of the many underserved New York City families, men, women, and adolescents who come through our doors each year.

In this endeavor Argus provides innovative programs which engage and help severely disadvantaged New Yorkers and their families and loved ones free themselves from poverty and drug abuse and chemical dependency build new lives based on responsibility, work, and hope. Argus provides a drug-free, safe, and nurturing environment in which persons living on the fringes of society can acquire education and skills and transform maladaptive attitudes and behaviors. We emphasize self-help, personal responsibility, and mutual support.

Argus also offers health care, educational, and case management programs tailored to adults, their families and loved ones their needs for:

  • Addiction and chemical dependence evaluation, assessment, and treatment
  • STD, HIV and AIDS, and pregnancy prevention
  • Safer sex
  • Parenting skills
  • Help with court cases
  • Work experience
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Job readiness
  • Skills training and placement